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INTER MICE (Georgia)

INTER  MICE (Georgia) logoINTER MICE (Georgia) logo
Offices: Tbilisi
Established: 2010
Employers: 15
Languages: Georgian, Russian, English
Activities: MICE, FIT,  Adventure, Special interest trips, Extreme travel, Weddings & Honeymoon, VIP Luxury Leisure,   any separate travel services
Main features:

- team experience in corporate and individual tourism from 5 to 15 years,
- professional and creative russian speaking employees,  
- management of the company controls projects and involved in the operation process,
- attractive and competitive proposals,
- close business relations with key hotels,
- Russian speaking guides,
- own art elements of programs,
- we are ready to handle the whole project from A to Z as well as to provide you with any separate travel service in beautiful Georgia