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MARKETINGPOINT is a Russian based representation company for tourizm products of worldwide travel and hospitality industry.  
Working at B2B travel&MICE professional market, the company reputation has been built on a foundation of in-depth Russian travel market knowledge and  needs.

MARKETINGPOINT specializes in providing superior representation and advisory services representing and promote carefully selected hospitality suppliers including; Destination Management Companies (DMC’s), hotels, resorts and tourism boards.
MARKETINGPOINT  strategically positions your product in the Russian market and focus on increasing your sales and maximizing your Return On Investment.
Through identification of high value commercial opportunities and communication with only the key decision makers, we can ensure fast results.
With over 18 years experience in sales and marketing, MARKETINGPOINT has key contacts in the industry and can open doors for new business.
MARKETINGPOINT is your entry point to Russian travel market.

Please do not hesitate  to contact MARKETINGPOINT if  you  are seeking representation and travel marketing solutions in Russia for your business.